concerto for spatiotemporal circuitry

by Justin Carl Hurtyby Justin Carl Hurtyby Justin Carl Hurty

concerto for spatiotemporal circuitry initially unfolded as a number of questions, and as a drawing. first, what is it? second, how does it function? the drawing has been lost.

it is disparate objects plugged together, albeit in precise order, to purposefully misuse the technology at hand. it is the breaking apart of a closed circuit into an open feedback loop. the speakers are the microphones and the body becomes a resistor. it is immersive and there is information, and circuitry, that will continue to remain hidden.

the discussion which described a solution to the second line of inquiry is best summed up as having occurred on a train in a tunnel underwater. the sculptural aspect of this concerto synthesizes the hum of everyday life. as it raises the sound floor will we compete to be the loudest, will all our thoughts be drowned from our heads?